About ITRAN Inc.

ITRAN’s primary business is to provide Recycling Services for End of Life Products (EOL). Industries supported include Retail, Telecom, IT, Electronics, Banking & Gaming. Our goal is to maximize revenue return back to our customers. By providing multiple locations for collection of materials, our customers also benefit from reduced transportation and labor costs associated with moving, sorting and handling the materials. In addition to recycling services, we provide Data Destruction Services (i.e., record serial number and physical destruction of hardware including hard drives, signature pads, etc.).

Based on operational procedures which are documented in our Environmental, Health and Safety Management System Manual, we are committed to providing a consistent & compliant recycling solution that can be audited by our customers. FYI, please refer to our pending letter from Perry Johnson Registrars for pursuit of R2 and ISO14001:2004 Certifications in 2013.

ITRAN is committed to working with our customer’s needs including product mix, logistics, volumes & recovery value of specific products. Contact us today at 330.659.0801 to develop a plan to recycle your materials in an environmentally compliant manner.

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Contact Information

ITRAN Electronics Recycling
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Phone: 330.659.0801
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